accessing implanted ports

  1. Is any one aware of policies recommending a once per week reneedle to implanted ports? I am trying to justify reneedling a port once a week for an elderly long term home parenteral nutrition patient, instead of a twice a week approach. Any comments would be appreciated.

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  3. by   jbucklin
    The intravenous nurses society publishes IV nursing standards of practice. They recommend changing access devices used with implanted ports at least every 7 days. This particular standard can be found at this site . Thier home page is Hope this helps.
  4. by   dauschundlover
    The INS standards are a good resource for any IV related questions. In all my years of working with ports the policy has always been huber change every 7 days no exceptions unless of course you suspect the huber has been dislodged but even then you don't need to change the needle to prove proper access of the port.