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Hello all. I am just curious as to how IV nurses and PICC nurses are paid at other facilities. I am a member of an IV team at a 535-bed Level II Trauma center. We average around 200 PICCs per... Read More

  1. by   sdeal
    I have heard from pts that their PICC lines showed up on their bill for approximatley $15K. Crazy.
  2. by   Shasta312
    NURSES can place PICC lines?

    I thought it was only done in Interventional Radiology by docs or PAs.

    I am a student and am only familiar with their placement because my mother had one inserted. However, she was at a large academic medical center.

    This is an interesting thread.
  3. by   jenniferkay73jk
    Quote from altusjg
    I work cvicu and micu and have place picc lines for about 2yrs now. I have never recieved extra pay for a picc line placement. I became interested in picc line certification and placement because i wanted to advance my own skills and beef up my resume. However, I do not think it is fare that we are not payed anything extra as i am requested to place picc lines on the floor while i am in the unit with a pt load and i must rely on the charge nurse to cover my pts while i go to the floor for the hour or more that it takes to place the line and do all the paper work, wait on cxr verification, ect. associated with it. I have only recently started talking to my unit manager about compensation for picc line placement but doubt it will happen due to one or two nurses who are willing to come in on there days off or dont mind handing over there pt load for a couple hours to go to the floor to complete the insertion for no extra pay. I respect there diligence but believe that Picc line placement is an advAnced skill for an RN and therefore should be compensated as such. Until my facility agrees to start compensating me for PICC line placement, i have decided not to place them anymore and will refer the request to the nurses who dont mind practicing the advanced tech and accepting the responsibility that comes with it for NO extra pay..... Ok i guess i'll get off my soapbox now. Sorry for the rant.
    What part of the country are you in? The best place to work is in private sector. They pay around $100 a line or more depending on the situation.
  4. by   regpicc
    I have been a full time PICC nurse for 2 years now and am paid 10% above regular nursing pay. I was required to get PICC certifications, VA-BC, and CPUI, after starting full time. Before I started full time, I worked on a regular floor and put PICCs when required to do so for no extra pay.
  5. by   regpicc
    That is the difference between a physician placing a PICC and a Nurse placing one. Physicians can tack on many fees associated with placement.
  6. by   MyNurseIsaDude
    I work at a VA hospital on the IV team. Most of us are PICC certified and none of us get extra compensation. It would be nice. We do get a bonus for CRNI cert.

    Home health nurse gets $100-$150 per PICC?? That does not seem to be adequate compensation. I bet the company makes much more that that. What does the company charge? Are they placed with US?

    Combat pay at $225/m may seem low but remember you also collect the "spoils of war" which make military jobs so enticing.

    $15,000 bill for a PICC placement?? SHAZAM! What hospital? Sign me up, Sir.

    Who in the world is working for free? Please stop it now. Spend some time with your kids or learn to play an instrument.
  7. by   sillywilly
    When I was at clinicals as a student there was an outside nurse who came in to place a PICC line on my patient. I ended up talking to the PICC line nurse for awhile and he told me he and his friend have their own PICC line company. He said the hospital we were at paid him the equivalent of 4 hours of RN pay (he did not say how much the RN's made per hour) per line he placed. He said he would usually place 4-5 lines a day for and it was a great gig.