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Infusion Clinics- meds

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What are your more common medication you are infusing at your Infusion Clinics?

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Hello! I work at a comprehensive Pediatric Cancer Center. We do primary peds heme/onc care in one area and we also are an infusion clinic for on and off-service patients (both heme/onc and GI/nephrology/genetic/rheum, etc). The infusion part of the clinic is side to side with our primary heme/onc clinic. Interestingly, all of our infusion kids are mixed together. However, if one of our heme/onc kids comes in with fever & neutropenia, we put them in a room until admission. We are attached to a fairly large hospital, although we are considered an ambulatory clinic. With that being said, we can call a code blue or rapid response and the entire inpatient team will respond. 

On daily basis we have 5-10 heme/onc kids getting all day chemo, IVP chemo, IT chemo, or blood products. Common chemo: Vincristine, Pegasapiginaae, Erwinia, Cytoxan, Etopiside, Avastin, Doxorubicin, and the list goes on and on. We also regularly transfuse PRBCs and platelets, sometimes Albumin. Most of these meds get pre-meds (usually Benadryl IV, Tylenol PO, and Solu-Medrol IVP). Also, many of these meds require an organ protectant prior to the chemo administration, for example Doxo gets Zinecard first (a cardiac protectant). In addition, we give antiobiotic prophylactic meds such as IV or inhaled Pentamadine for pneumonia prophylaxis.

We also have 5-10 off-service kids per day. Off-service kids also get chemotherapy for off-label uses. We give a ton of Remicade/Inflecta and Entyvio to the GI kids for IBD. Lots of IV Iron for GI kids and sometimes blood transfusions. Also Humira injections. Genetic kids get Elapraae, Lumizyme, Vimizin and other enzyme replacements. Nephrology and rheumatology kids get lots of Rituximab and other chemos.

Infusion nurses take 3-5 patients per day. 

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