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Information about RN to BSN and RN to MSN online programs

by Tolentino Tolentino (New) New


I am a Pre-Nursing student. My major was initially Nursing since High School and ever since I started college, I was exposed to different medical fields that I found interesting. I graduated with my Associates in Allied Health and then transferred to a University. Which I thought was a HUGE mistake for the reason that I wanted to do more research on other medical fields and "should have" went with my initial major but was stubborn... Lesson learned! I do not have any medical experience and do not have my RN degree yet. I am just waiting on some schools if they will accept me or not. ANYWAYS, I have a few questions:

1) Are WGU, capella, chamberlain, etc.. are they all really accredited nationally??

2) How long do RN to BSN or RN to MSN programs ONLINE normally take if you have all the prerequisite classes?? I have experience from online classes although I do not know how it will differ with the Nursing courses taken online..

3) Will these programs normally accept any type of RN degree OR is there more prerequisites that have to be taken? I know some schools WANT certain prerequisites, but will these programs work with you to override some courses with the prerequisites already taken?

4) Do you know of any Traditional Associates and or Bachelor's for Nursing with an online program and provide ALL clinical in the area that you live in??

Thank you all for your time!!!