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The hospital where I work (FAHC in Burlington, VT) is in the process of select a vendor for a computerized patient record. I am looking for information from anyone who has worked with any of the 3 vendors currently being evaluated (Cerner, IDX, and 3M). Any feedback you would be willing to share re: any of these systems (what you liked/disliked, problems encountered, suggestions for staff training approaches) would be greatly appreciated.


Jeannie Graham, RN

Our hospital has 200 beds. We've been trying to install and work with Cerner Powerchart for almost two years. Things have not gone well. Nurses and doctors are very dissatisfied with the system and the support from Cerner. We have the feeling that Cerner has bigger fish to fry. Powerchart seems to be more promise than substance. Does anyone out there have experience with Cerner systems?

Our hospital just selected CPSI after many months and hours of evalutions. The best thing we did was hire a consult to work with the hospital in chosing a vendor. We go LIVE on monday, so will have to let you me at [email protected] for more info at a later time............janel;)

BTW.....Cerner did not respond to our request for a bid......guess we are too small...........24 beds.....janel (meditech was our 2nd choice, but they are for larger hospitals:D

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