Information on Adelphi, CNR, LIU, SPC and/or Wagner?

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Hi. I'm an aspiring nurse and I just applied to a few colleges. If any of you have any experience with or have heard things about any of these schools' nursing programs, I would appreciate it so much if you would share because it would help me make a decision! -Adelphi University -College of New Rochelle -Long Island University (Brooklyn) -St. Peter's College (in Jersey City..) -Wagner College Thanks in advance ! : )


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I applied to all the same colleges as you plus NYU. Are you a freshman, transfer or 2nd degree student? I'm applying as a transfer and the only school I've heard from is St. Peter's. I was accepted into St. Peter's with a $10,000.00 annual scholarship - but as an undecided major. I am wait listed for the nursing major. Seems sort of ironic. I'm guessing they simply don't have much space for transfer students. Looking over their program requirements, however, it appears that it is a 4 year program no matter what - I haven't confirmed this since I am still on a wait list. I am currently at LIU and taking pre req classes. There are a lot of very negative posts about the nursing program at LIU - but so far my experience has been fine. Granted I'm not taking nursing courses yet.


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I know this is over a year late, but thanks for your response!

I went with Wagner and couldn't be happier. Good luck!