INFO please, PMHNP at EKU, Maryville or Chamberlain?

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Hello, just joined AllNurses, I'm researching schools for PMHNP and I've narrowed it down to these 3.  I hope I'm posting in the right place, I found trying to figure that out pretty unclear LOL.  If you have any experience with any of these programs at these schools, PLEASE respond. 

What I'm looking for is a program with at least some lectures.  I totally understand education at the graduate level esp online is self-taught, but JUST reading, researching and writing for 2 plus years is so dry.  It helps me to hear a voice, have a little comradery, I miss in person school because you can see and chat with others who are doing the same assignments as you, I miss just asking "hey, have you started that paper?"  I realize online this isn't going to be happening, but even just some pre-recorded lectures to hear a voice, or any other form of assignments to feel a bit connected to a group will help me stay focused and engaged.  Not that I can't do nothing but read, research and write for 2 plus years, I can do any painful thing I decide to LOL, I would just like to have some interaction somehow with other people to make it less dry.  It may sound like what I really want is a friend LOL and yes, but a friend that's doing all the same hard stuff as me.  Friends not in programs don't want to talk about assignments, or how many hours I studied the day before, etc.

So even if there's no actual friendships being formed, at least some lectures with a real human voice (not AI reading a powerpoint, although even that is better than me reading eveything myself all the time) and maybe some group assignments (but not that in any way that anyone else can hurt your grade.) Mixed into the harder, dry assignments.  

Also, if you feel you learned a lot with your preceptors- how involved was your school at structuring (I know we find them on our own) but does any school do anything in particular to make the preceptorship truly valuable?  I spoke to Maryville's recruiter and he went into detail it's 80 hours advanced health assessment, 250 hours older adults, 250 hours 0-21, and 250 hours of my choice, addiction, end of life, forensics, veterans- ptsd, whatever, and I really like the sound of that esp at the end, my choice.  Is this the case everywhere?

Also if you are a Psych NP preceptor, are there any students from a particular program that stand out as better educated and prepared to you?  

Also, if anyone has any suggestions of THIER program not any of these 3, also PLEASE respond.  I want to be prepared.  I am hesitant of Chamberlain because of all the posts about private for profit not actually educating and preparing the person.  Whether that is true or untrue almost doesn't matter with that reputation, if that's how the person doing the hiring at a dream job feels then?  But please, any and all opinions info from your experience is so greatly appreciated.  Thank you in advance ?  

I also am researching best overall PMHNP schools. I've looked into Maryville and will gather info from Frontier on Thursday, hesitant about chamberlain due to feedback that they don't get the best jobs, not sure if this is true.
Maryville although #3 best online PMHNP- hardly hear any reviews about it. 
Frontier - I like how the have an above 90% passing board score. 
I also would like interaction seeing I prefer the in classroom learning and I want to make sure I'm prepared for the field and pass my boards comfortable with information I have learned. This is a huge investment money wise and I want to get that money's worth to be a GREAT Psych NP. I also would like the program I choose have smooth navigation for online course work. I'm already going to be stressed studying do not need frustrating technical issues on top of it. 

So I'm excited to follow and see the feedback for your post! 

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