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Info about PHCC bridge program?


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I am curently in LPN school (graduate in Dec) and plan on doing the bridge next year at either SPC or PHCC. I have heard that pre req GPA is not really as big of an issue when applying to the bridge program at SPC, and was curious if that is the case with PHCC?? I have about a 3.3 pre req GPA and am curious if I would even have a chance to get into the bridge program at PHCC. I know that they only take 72 students every August, not every semester like SPC, so am I wrong to assume that PHCC is harder to get into?? any info is appreciated!

Did you ever figure out an answer to your ? I am scheduled to start the LPN program at PHCC in January and am wondering what will be needed for a bridge program at either SPC or PHCC.

Here's the link to PHCC's LPN Transition program.

Here'sthe link to SPC's LPN Transitional program.

Just at first glance, you have quite a few more pre-entry, gen ed and support class requirements at SPC than at PHCC. SPC's LPN transitional program looks like it takes 3 terms, PHCC is only 2. That does NOT include any pre-reqs, gen ed, support requirements, etc. These two links give you more info. If you're not sure, call each school and ask to speak with an advisor re: these selective process/limited access programs. I'm applying to the RN program in the Spring, for both schools...so am a bit familiar with each school. IMHO, PHCC would be easier to get into (no Statistics!). Good luck!


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