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I am an RN student and I'm interested in the OR field. What kind of experience do you need to have in order for them to even glance at you in working in the OR? Do you need any other training classes other than your nursing like OR Tech class/cert? What is OR Like and is the salary any good? What do you actually do in the OR during the surgery with the patient? I would appreciate some feedback in helping me decide where I should start with my experience and schooling. Thanks

I have worked in the OR for 25 years. At that time it was on the job training and is still to a degree but now most Or departments require a 6 week+ course before you can work in the OR. OR nurses are responsible for the safety, dignity and privacy of the patient, positioning, site preparation, thermoregulation, monitoring aseptic technique, administering medications, prepares proper supplies. Also can be a scrub nurse and hand instruments to the doctor. It is a very different kind of nursing. You are only responsible for one patient at a time and that patient is under anesthesia so you are directly responsible for the general wellbeing of that patient.

It is very exciting but also long stressful hours. Good Luck!

thank you for your input, I appreciate it

You know leeanne, being an operating room nurse is a highly demanding but also a very fulfilling job. It's not that hard as long as you have the interest or love for the job. I guess "initiative" is the key for you to learn. There are many things you would not really learn in school which you'll discover on your tour of duty.

I wish you the best for your chosen career!

thank you natz

I work at a 600 bed hospital, they are currently hiring new grads. As new hire you are given 8-months orientation as are nurses with numerous years of experience. You to make sure this is the area you want to practice in. As a new grad moving to the Or does not allow you to develop many of the skills you have taken years to learn such as assessments, technical skill, seeing the whole picture of the patient. Assessing lab values and knowing the effect these have on your patient. Working in the OR is a nice experience but you need to be aware of the effects this will have on your career, After about 1 and a half year in the OR you will have diminishing Technical skill

thank you phill30. I can see where you wouldn't keep a lot of your skills that you have learned since it's more of a specialty.

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