Plastic bags hanging on computers.

  1. The portable computer workstations we use do not have drawers. The nurses are hanging plastic bags from the side to store flushes, insulin syringes and such. The problem is they do not remove the bags and the next nurse dumps it in the basket attached to the workstation. I find too many of these bags and am wondering how other facilities deal with this. It's poor management of supplies and a potential IC issue if some item in a bag expires. Having syringes accessable to anyone passing by is a saftey issure. Thanks for your input.
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  3. by   raegirl23
    I am not sure what the specific question is, however there are many issues here. First, if your facility is accredited, infection control is a huge issue. CMS requires any equipment that travels into a patient room and touches anything in the patient environment to be completely wiped down when going between patients (this includes touching a patient with your hands then touching the cart and not performing hand hygiene). I will assume that the bags would be difficult to wipe down. There is also a medication management issue. If any medication (including flushes) are in an unlocked basket, bag, etc and you walk away even briefly, a citation can be given for leaving medications unattended. The carts iny facility have drawers that lock and we still have problems with people leaving their carts unlocked.