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  1. On the unit I work we take care a lot of elderly patients, and most of them have a history of MRSA. If the patient's alzheimers hasn't kicked in and they remember they came from a nursing home we do a nasal swab to check to see if the MRSA is a current issue and they need to be a in private room somewhere with contact isloation signs on their door. If they tell us they came from home and don't have a history then we pass on the swabbing. The only time we swab anywhere else, like the axilla or perineal area, is if we receive a MD order to do so. Are there any other tests done on admission where you work to check for MRSA? And what about the hospital offering tests for the nurses? During our annual helth fair we only get the TB test done. I'm sure everyone I work with has MRSA and we don't even know it.

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  3. by   Mammy1111
    This is the MRSA high risk screening test that is being done in Maine starting last week.
    It is inadequate because it does not address any endemic MRSA, only MRSA on admission, and it does not cover some of the very important risk factors such as surgeries invovling implants.
    But, it is a start and we can keep working on it. This screening "test" is a result of my legislative proposal for Maine last spring.