Instrument sterilization in small clinic

  1. I recently was given the task of ordering supplies for my clinic/urgent care/rural ED (but not a hospital) and I'm starting to do some research into current evidence based practices for steam sterilizing instruments with an autoclave. Primarily I'm looking into what cleaning agents we should be using for prep. Currently we use a detergent product (do not have the name in front of me) for initial soaking, and then use LpH to scrub prior to rinsing, drying, and autoclaving. We're wondering if LpH is more than we need for simple instruments (lac repair kits, forceps, etc) and we're finding it's doing damage to our instruments over time. We're currently using it because that's just what we've been using for years since someone way-back-when ordered it...we don't really have a good reason to back up why we use that particular product.

    Does anyone have suggestions for where to start looking for info or have examples of what they do in their facility??

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  3. by   deemalt
    I was hoping that someone had replied to this! I have the same questions. I was recently asked to be the nurse coordinator for a small free clinic. We have been doing the chemical sterilization with Wavicide detergent and then placing the instruments in a drawer lined with a sterile drape. I know this needs to be improved upon but we are small time and do not use enough instruments at this time to justify an autoclave.

    We are going to try placing the instruments in sterile sealed bags after the detergent soak.

    Any suggestions out there?
  4. by   AKav8trix
    Hi Deemalt,

    Have you found any new info since you last posted?? We're still searching, though I think we might be leaning towards the Cidex line of products, but we don't really have a good reason for it, other than it seems to be what some of the larger hospitals in the state are using. I'm still having trouble finding evidence-based info for a small clinic like ours. Sales reps haven't been much help because of course they want you to buy their product and of course "it's the best out there". I'll let you know if and when we get some good information.
  5. by   Greatnurse2012
    I am starting a job at a brand new infusion clinic and will be the solo nurse. I would love to make sure we have all the supplies we need before we open. Is anyone willing to share their list of supplies?