HEP B Core vs Antigen vs Antibody ????

  1. hi! happy nove everybody!!
    i'm covering the icp at my hospital ( hopefully for only a short time)

    but here is my question..with back ground...
    daily i get a lab print out of all pos hep b antibody test ran in the hospital. i put them in the folder that is marked for such report.

    today i got test results with hep b antigen neg, hep b antibody pos, and
    hep core m-ab neg.

    am i reading this right??? antigen & antibody pos = chronic infection/carrier and must be reported to local health dept
    core neg means non acute???

    what about treatment? this patient is on nothing???????

    i've read/reviewed control of communicable diseases manual and this is what i've come up with. my contact at the local health dept is out until the end of the week. oh, then i'm out for 7 days ( what a mess!)

    i thank all in advance for your help and support!!


    ps: i admit to having no training in ic & now that i've sat in this hot seat... my admiration goes out to you all.
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  3. by   fgoff
    HEY! I came up with this info R/T my questions.

    Would anyone be willing to share how they prsent this for patient teaching?