Avian Flu - is there anything we can do?

  1. I'm a nursing student and as I learn more about what my job is, I can't help but wonder what our jobs would be like during a pandemic like the one that hit in 1918.


    The more I learn about it, the more I have become sure that it will happen. Not all at once but it will pick up speed and very quickly get out of hand. Once all the possible hosts are either dead or have managed to survive, it will disappear for another 20 years or so.

    My question is, as a nurse, are we professionally bound to treat patients who are so highly contagious with a disease so distructive that it can kill in 12 hours? A disease with an incubation period of 72 hours with a 50% mortality rate? In 1918 the sick came in at a rate of hundreds, even thousands every day! Is there someone out there that can tell me there is a PPE that, if properly used, at least lowers my chances of infection? Call me a worrier but I have read the history books and I don't want to die like like that. No one does.

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  3. by   tevans95b
    Get your flu shot! No, it won't prevent Avian flu, but it reduces the risk of contracting that particular strain and if, and only if, Avian converts and you're exposed, it won't mix with the initial flu and get even nastier. As for PPE....get fit tested and wear your N-95 mask. It's not just for TB!!! Look into how Canada dealt with SARS. It's very informative. The CDC has a great website, too, lots of info for everyone.