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I am curious to know what other areas do in regard to disinfecting their dialysis machines after known or suspected Hep A,B, or C, HIV, STD's, MRSA, VRSA, VRE, etc. as opposed to how they disinfect their machines after patients who are not suspected of having any communicable disease. I am interested in knowing what you do to your machine after EVERY treatment that you run and what you do at the end of each day. Do you handle the machine in the same way for every patient? (This excludes the Disinfect you must do after all known Hepatitis) I would appreciate all feedback... I'm just doing a little poll. Thanks!

what we do in our hospital is to use citric acid if the bath is bicarbonate but we do disinfect TIUTOL for suspected(hepatitis profile not yet confirmed) and positive cases of hepatitis and others. i don't know if that disinfectant would help but we separate or isolate our non reactive patient's with those of positive cases.sometimes we reuse our dialyzer for 4 times but there is no measurement for it except that we see it's clean and flushed with NSS and place 5% formaline. is that ok?:confused:

Hello! Im in another hospital here in metro manila. we use d same procedure.. Hi buddy!!

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At our facility we use the isolation room for such patients. The machine is disinfected the same way as all the others...citric acid (we use vinegar) first, then heat diinfected dailey. Once a week the machines are also bleach disinfected (internally) after the vinegar.

I do acute dialysis in a hospital setting. There we do dialysis on patients before their hepatitis status is known. Our policy is to do a thermal disinfection before treatment and a citric thermal after treatment. We have non-reuse dialyzers.

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