Infection Control help - please!


Yikes, I am in a bit of a pickle and haven't worked in an acute care setting for years. I've been trying to research my situation but have stumbled across multiple conflicting posts - many of them outdated.

My aunt is terminally ill and I had a big part in having her transferred to a hospice facility affiliated with my work. She had a bone marrow transplant 2 years ago due to a chronic form of leukemia. Her immune system is non-existent and she now has pneumonia, MRSA, VRE, C-Diff and 3 large masses on her lungs that are infectious (unsure of the microbe and it's too risky to determine). She coughs constantly. I have a fairly good understanding as to how things are transmitted, but am finding conflicting information as to how I should protect myself and it varies amongst the staff members that have been encountered as well.

To further complicate the situation I found out I was pregnant last week - it's a little too early for me to disclose this information to my family. When I visited my aunt this past weekend at a University hospital, isolation precautions were being followed by the staff. Family was not required to do anything. After I had been in the room, I read the sign on the door that said 'no pregnant visitors.' I wasn't too terribly worried since I wasn't coming into contact, but was kind of nervous about any possible airborne/droplet issues. I think a further along pregnant person may be more at risk due to immunity dropping/blood counts going off? I'm literally 5 1/2 weeks very, very new.

My aunt transferred to the hospice center last night where they are freaking out about the VRE and requiring family to gown/mask/glove. I was somewhat relieved because now I can at least put a mask on without making up some story. Unfortunately it's resulting in my aunt being treated poorly because no one wants to contact her because of this VRE (I am beyond furious). Here she is dying and and trying to come to the acceptance stage, but is being horribly isolated. I understand isolation precautions no problem, I don't understand not taking the time with your HOSPICE patient to perform assessments and helping her cope. Ugh, that's an entire different rant post. By the time my family was leaving, someone had decided masks were no longer necessary. So this all seems messed up to me and I know policy/procedures are individual to facilities.

Can anyone please provide me with what's the correct for myself and how I should proceed with protection? I know I will probably end up helping my aunt and possibly coming into contact with's just too hard to sit back and especially if she's not being addressed by the staff (which I plan on speaking to the director about too). Most of what I've read has said if isolation precautions are followed, there shouldn't be an issue. On the other hand, I keep coming across random things stating that pregnant people shouldn't have any contact at all. So, if anyone can help this emotional chick out, I'd greatly appreciate it.