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Inexperience LVN Needs advice

Hello smart nurses,

I recently obtain my lpn license but im having issues on getting an lvn position. I have 4 years cna experience prior to that but they dont consider it. Any good advices for? Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I can only speak from my experience...

The area I live in does not hire new LVN's. "One year of experience required" is common. I was also a CNA before becoming an LVN. I chose to take a CNA position at a facility that would soon be needing an LVN. I worked as a CNA for 6 months until a nurse spot opened up. Also, the facility I worked at was a 55 minute drive. I chose to commute there until I got the one year of experience I needed to apply locally.

My suggestion would be to open up yourself to the idea of commuting or trying to get your foot in the door a different way! Hang in there, something will open up eventually! A lot of nurses are retiring. Don't give up hope :)

Experience is always good. Your school should have given you resources for employment. Reach out to your classmates who received their license. Also too, depending on your area, there are hiring agencies you can enroll in that contract with branches of hospitals/nursing facilities. That's what my sister has done to get her experience, and now employment is easy. It's good to connect with people you know who are working in facilities/hospitals that hire LVN/LPNs. Referral is always helpful. Don't give up !

Have you tried Indeed.com? Some facilities don't appear to be actively hiring at the moment in my area, so I would print my resume, type a cover letter, and bring it there. I would then ask if I could fill out an application if none are available on the website. I'd then leave it with the receptionist hoping that they will give it to HR. I'm currently having my eyes on this assisted living facility. It's not my ideal place to work, but as someone mentioned before, it will help me get my "at least 1 year's experience." Plus, I have loans.

Have you tried with the State? Many State supported facilities are in need of LPN/LVN nurses, regardless of nurse experience. The benefits are pretty good too.

Hi, that's a good suggestion. Thank you. And thank you very much to the rest of you who take the time to respond this thread. God bls.


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