Inexpensive schools that offer a BSN or MSN in warm destinations

Students Pre-Nursing


OK that may be way too much to ask for. I am leaning more towards getting a BSN rather than a MSN. However many programs for a BSN are 50,000 to 70,000 for a 12 to 16 or 18 month program.

Also I am looking for schools in warm destinations. I came across UVI (University of the Virgin Islands) but by the time someone finally responded to my emails and voice mails I found out their BSN is by no means accelerated. The fastest it can be done is 3 and 1/2 even if you have a Bachelors.

So my list of requirements may be a bit long but there have to be some out there. If not warm then fun and funky off beat cities. I was born and raised in San Francisco and I have lived in Paris. The key to all this is affordable schools.

Thank you in advance.

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