Challenge Exams- Passing made easy!

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    I am excited to say I passed all 4 exams! I want to first say, these courses should not be taken lightly. When I first started studying I came to this website. I found some useful tips about additional study material. But in the end... If you purchase the TCN Modules (not just the text books from someone) you will do fine! I made the purchase, and believe me I understand financially that can be difficult. TCN offers financing so you can make payments each month and it is well worth it! The information from the exams was pulled directly from the study material they provided with some few expceptions. Either way it gave you a foundation for successful critical thinking and prioritizing. It pains me to no end to advocate for TCN bc I have had so many unpleasent expierences with them. If you have not already done so I would NOT sign up for ANY OTHER COURSES with them. Just do the ISU modules and do the rest through ISU. They will lead you to believe you can only take the nursing courses through ISU AND THAT IS INCORRECT! I wish I had done a little more research before signing the contract for the additional 9 courses.. but live n learn and pass on! You can do it! I studied for aprox 2 weeks in between each exam min 2 hours a day with exception around some holidays. Just take it one test at a time!! Good Luck !
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  3. by   cleealto
    I just wanted to add that the reason you need the MODULE and not just the BOOK is bc the module give you chapter quizzes and 2 comprehensive practice exams and the test banks seem to be very similar The book gives you only critical thinking questions and a VERY SHORT practice exam at the end.
  4. by   liberated847
    To all, beware and stay away from TCN, they will overcharge you and in the end you'll pay twice as much for your ADN. If you like study guides, go to ebay.
  5. by   cleealto
    I agree whole heartdly!! TCN is a rip off... the ONLY thing that was worth my investment were the ISU modules.
  6. by   Tiarae17
    The ISU modules were too a rip off but they are dead on when taking the exams
  7. by   lpntobsn5
    did you finish the program was it through college network should i get modules directly from isu
  8. by   cleealto
    I am in the program now. You have to get the modules for the Challenge exams in Phase 2 through the college network. It's not required but I highly reccomended it. The quizzes are based of material and questions from the material and practice exams thru TCN... But ALL other courses can be taken through ISU do don't sign up for anything else thru TCN Good luck !
  9. by   catrobertslpn
    You keep saying do not sign up for any other classes through TCN but could you be a little clearer? What classes did you take through TCN that you advise and what classes do you advise to take through ISU??
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    Breaking News...

    "Test Preparation or Predator? The College Network, lawsuit and complaints."

    Mark Alesia, the IndyStar News

    Please share this with your fellow nurses.
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    I would also like to know the answer to catrobertslpn question . Pleasssse? @Cleealto
  12. by   cleealto
    I do not advice taking ANY additional modules through TCN. You can take almost all your gen ed classes as well as nursing courses with ISU. I just graduatated am now an RN-BSN. If you still need more info PM me
  13. by   Ruth85
    Can you help I am trying to find out what the challenging exams are they talk about with Indian State since I am thinking of enrolling.