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Indiana University Northwest

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Hello Everyone,

I was just wondering is there anyone who is admitted to the nursing program at IUN this fall 15'? Also is there anyone currently at IUN or has graduated from there? Any helpful tips or anything interesting?


Hello, I am a junior 2nd degree student at IUN. If you decide to come here, just be prepared to be very flexible. Things can change at the last minute. I would advise against working during the school year. The instructors are awesome in clinicals! Quizzes and exams are tough (not because the material is hard but because you will most likely be tested on things you forgot/or did not focus on). The prof. here are notorious for asking exam/quiz quesitions that cannot be found in the book. You will need to have good critical thinking skills in this program because the answers are not always clear cut and black and white. As far as up front expenses goes, you will spend $600 up front on ATI software(test taking software to help prep for nlcex), $75 on nursing pack(catheter kit, trachea suction, thermometer, bp cuff, gown, gloves,mask), and about $50 on nursing scrubs. These things will need to be purchased before you start the program. If you have any other questions, I will be happy to answer them!!


Specializes in PCT. Has 6 years experience.

Thanks, I'm a sophomore in the program and you aren't joking about the upfront money.. that ATI is rediculous