Studying for NURS 106

  1. When I was e-mailing with Carol Layton, I asked for a list of books to study for the four challenge exams. Of course I got this huge list. I look for the first one which was Menth Health Aspects of Nursing. The book for that exam was, Therapeutic Interaction in Nursing second edition by Christine L. Willams.

    That book is boring, I don't like it, only made it through three chapters. I was finally able to find a procter and got all of that information sent in. I was so excited to see when I was registered so that I could see the syllabus for the course. With my luck, that stuff was all from 2005...and using a different book. I wrote Carol another e-mail...and she said oh, yeah, I've been busy and haven't had time to update it. That was all she wrote. Gee, so now I don't want to bug her for awhile...

    So, I went onto and was able to find TCN Mental Health Aspects of nursing practie book/binder thingy. I bought it. I also have the new saunders NCLEX-RN book. When I was reading information out of that NCLEX book and doing test questions I thought it was helpful....

    My main question, the CSM and the NCLEX-RN book...would you say I'm golden with just studying from those sorces?
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    Hey ,
    How did you do on your exam with the tools you selected to study with??
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