Indiana State University's Online LPN-BSN

  1. Hey y'all!Has anyone gone thru Indiana State University's online LPN-BSN program?I requested info from the school on it, but just wanted to see if anyone had any personal experiences to share Thanks!
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  3. by   PinkHoyt
    I have been looking into it as well. Two recruiters from the college network came and talked to our class yesterday and made it sound now I need to start researching myself. (=
  4. by   cgardner2010
    I have a friend that is in the last phase of the program and has no complaints about it. She said that she has found that taking the classes she needed through the College Network in lieu of going to a junior college, was so much easier. After she showed me the material that you get for each class you are testing out of, I also decided to do the same. I contacted the rep for my area today (I live in Oakland, CA) and looking to get started by the end of August because the College Network has a deal going on right now that if you put down your required deposit (this is based on the prereq classes you still need to take), they will waive your first monthly payment. Based on the info I got, the down payment is $400 and the monthly payments are $300 a month. This is for the entire program including ALL the prereq classes along with the entire nursing program through ISU. If you have credits to transfer over, then of course the cost is going to decrease...HTH
  5. by   Tiarae17
    They can sometimes be easier through college network but again TCN is only a publishing company not a school. And they charge a butt load for modules to study for exams. However they are pretty dead on to the exams.
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  6. by   lpntobsn5
    Has anyone graduated from the college network program
  7. by   2brn09
    TCN is not a school or some place to graduate from. They are a publishing company. You can go directly through ISU. You will save a lot of money.
  8. by   MissPriss618
    Thanks yall!
  9. by   2brn09
    Will you be starting the fall 2014?
  10. by   MissPriss618
    Nope!I've found out now that we'll be stationed in NC & from my understanding, ISU's BSN program isn't recognized in that state :/ I'm just gonna go to another technical college for now & pursue an ADN.
  11. by   2brn09
    Unless there is updated information somewhere, ISU IS ACCEPTED IN NC. Go to their website and look under established contract list and there are several sites in NC.