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  1. hello to all, i applied to the university of saint francis and was denied admissions to the bsn program. it was because i repeated a biology class twice and failed the teas test. i was told that i will be admitted as a pre-nursing major and if i take 16 credits at usf and have 2.7 gpa, my status will be change to nursing major. how possible is that? will the biology repeatation still count in the decision making? here is what it said on their website. pls read and tell me what u think:
    change of status from pre-nursing to the nursing major
    students who do not meet nursing admission criteria may be admitted to the university as a pre-nursing or undeclared nursing major. the following criteria must be met before either pre-nursing or undeclared nursing students can request a change of status to be considered for admission to the nursing major.
    1. completion of all courses required by placement testing
    2. completion of a minimum of 16 hours at usf. students must have a biological science course (biol 221, biol 222, biol 223, or biol 270) as part of the required 16 credit hours at usf)
    3. chem 121, introductory chemistry, if required
    4. math 122, college algebra
    5. a grade of c or above in all required courses
    6. cumulative gpa of 2.7 or above earned at usf
    7. teas (test of essential academic skills) entrance examination if not already taken

    any required course can be repeated only one time. a change of status will not be considered until all criteria identified above are met.
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  3. by   kgle
    any required course can be repeated only one time.

    looks like it states right there that it can be repeated once. i am sure you will be fine.
  4. by   channi2010
    thx for your respond, but I have already repeated a course twice before transfering. Anyway, I hope and pray that God help
  5. by   Servingshots
    Did you end up getting in? (are we talking about USF in Joliet?)