TEAS Test--Study Buddy - page 3

Hi all, I actually posted something similar to this under Pre-nursing.... I really could use some help for the Science portion of the Teas Test... I have taken it and did really well on it other... Read More

  1. by   tiss
    Need help with English part pls everyone, my test is next week. Thanks
  2. by   Lola18
    I just took the teas test today and thought it was difficult. The science and math portions were the hardest parts for me. I ended up surprisingly passing every subject, but don't yet know my overall score. My best advice for all of you who haven't yet taken it-- STUDY, STUDY, STUDY! If you don't know an answer, make the best educated guess you can. Good luck! )
  3. by   JessCall07
    I am taking mine some time in March. I haven't registered for it but i am SO nervous after taking the NLN at another college.
  4. by   marieaddison
    OMG, I need some pointers on a great way to study for the TEAS please....