St. Vincent's Womens Hospital

  1. Anyone here work for St. Vincent's and have any pros/cons?

    Christine, RNC, BSN
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  3. by   christianRN
    I work for one of the St. Vincent's satellite hospitals, and I love it. I have only positive things to say, except I don't think they're competitive enough as far as trying to grab the market. Our competition in town is completely aggressive with ads, community involvement, etc. and my hospitals' attitude is: we're faith-based, so we have that going for us.
    I believe we provide the absolute best care in the area, hands down.
  4. by   LauRNicu
    Hi. I think I talked to you in the NICU forum. I work for Riley which is the main competitor of St. Vincent Women's. My sister works at St. Vincent. (We are both in the NICU). She loves it but I think Riley has a better work environment just from what I've heard from her. We get to pick our assignments, we are always adequately staffed, yet there is still ample opportunity for overtime. I love it. My sister only works part-time. I know a lot of nurses I know work at both and it seems to be a general consensus that Riley is better for the nurse. However, I cannot speak for the level of care. I am sure that they are comparable. I've never actually been to St. V's so that I don't know. It's brand spanking new, so that's always good. One thing I just learned is that their entire general pediatric surgery team just left and went to Clarian North so they've been sending us all their surgery/ECMO babies and we've been very busy. They also only have one cardiologist I believe, which I think is strange. There are definitely pros and cons to both! You can't go wrong either place.