Possible positive TB test

  1. What is to be done if a patient leaves AMA from the ED after having a "possible TB" xray report return?
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  3. by   ginger58
    It's probably against HIPPA to notify her/his doctor or Pulibc Health Department.
  4. by   Pat_Pat RN
    No, it is REQUIRED to report to Public Health. I was just curious what others would do about him leaving the facility.

  5. by   Schatzi RN CEN
    In my opinion, there is really nothing else to do but notify the Health Department ASAP. Even though - just a thought that came into my mind - would this patient be considered a danger to others?
  6. by   Innurse78
    It is law that all positive TB cases are reported to the Dept of Health. Its then in their hands to have all the people he came into contact with to have a TB test.
  7. by   ginger58
    As far as going AMA there's nothing you can do.

    Yes, I guess one would have to notify PH and it would be up to them to follow up. So far, it doesn't sound like you had a confirmed dx of TB.

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