Pay scales at Ft Wayne Hospitals

  1. Moving into Ft Wayne this August, would like to know what the pay scale ranges are at Lutheran, Parkview, St Joes, DuPont. Any and all answers will be appreciated. Thank you.
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  3. by   runningguy19
    All I know are starting RN rates with no XP. Parkview Health (Eight hospitals in northeastern Indiana) starts at $17.87 an hour base rate. As far as I know they still do bonuses and such. They are non-profit and have a huge regional medical center opening spring 2012.

    Lutheran Health System (St. Joe, Dupont, Lutheran, etc) starts at $16.50 an hour base rate. They don't do bonuses anymore, and they are currently owned by CHS.

    Each system has pluses and minuses. Lutheran is more popular OB wise (Dupont), has regional NICU (Lutheran), burn center (St Joe), children's hospital (Lutheran), and as far as I know the only perinatologist (Dupont) and pediatric surgeon (Lutheran) in Fort Wayne.

    Parkview, being non-profit, isn't as worried as CHS about units being fiscally responsible. They worry more about customer service (Although Dupont is also customer service oriented and a very good place to work). They will probably remain Parkview owned while I've heard CHS is trying to sell Lutheran Health Network. Parkview Regional Center is gonna be the newest provider for northeastern Indiana.

    Good luck on your job search. Hopefully you have job XP because Fort Wayne has way too many nursing schools. It took me about eight months to get my first RN job. That is why our starting rate of pay is so low.
  4. by   LindaJoy
    I have been an LPN for 18 years and my current title is, Nurse Case Manager, LPN. I have been working the last 12 years in a residential facility on the north side of Indpls. and am currently working on getting my developmental disabilities certification (DDC). My last raise was 3 years ago as there is a pay freeze due to budget. I am currently making $20.36 an hour and I work Monday thru Friday 6:30a.m. to 3:00p.m. (40 hrs). With my slight overtime and end of year bonuses, I made $47,500 last year (2010) and $45,800 the previous year (2009).
    If you are going to school to become an RN, your starting salary should be close to my current salary.
    Good luck and success in your schooling!
  5. by   runningguy19
    That may be the rate of pay in Indy, but Fort Wayne is different. The cost of living is lower in FW then Indy, and there are more nursing schools in FW then Indy. I work for Lutheran Health Network and I also interviewed at Parkview. The starting hourly rate for unexperienced RNs is $16.50 (Lutheran Health Network) and $17.87 (Parkview). This information is when I started at LHN in May 2011, and my interview with HR at Parkview in March 2011. Hope this information helps in your job search.
  6. by   psytbs87
    parkview pays better by a long run