New Nurse looking to work in either Rockford or Indianapolis...needs help

  1. HI...everyone I am new to so I hope I am doing this correctly. I have just recently graduated from Northern Illinois University school of nursing this past May and I am hopfully going to either start at job in the new grad residency program at OSF St. Anthony hospital on the Med/Surg/tele floor in January. So if anyone knows anything about the program or plain just living in rockford I come from a suburb of chicago that is about 60 mins east of Rockford. So I don't know to much about the area at all. Or even where to look to live. So any suggestions would be very much appreciated.
    I also have another oppurtunity to go with a fellow classmate of mine to Indianapolis and look for a job there. I really don't know much about that area either and what types of jobs are availble out there. I would really like to start in a new grad program but if there are not any opening I would be happy to start on a med/surg floor. So if any one out there knows of any good hospitals for a new grad to start at in Indianapolis I would greatly appreciate it. There I do have a place to live so that is a big plus. THANK YOU all so much for reading this and for any advice you all my have. I truly would appreciate. I am quite nervous about what to do.
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    I live near Indy, and there are many opportunities in that area. Clarian (IU, Methodist, Riley for Children) offer programs and bonuses for new grads. They also are "MAGNET" status hospitals which focus more on nursing. There's several other hospitals in that area. Indy is a beautiful town and sure you'll like it if you choose that location. Good luck!