Need some program advice...

  1. i am trying to decide which program to work towards and i know you guys know the indiana nursing programs very well.

    right now i am enrolled at iupui to take micro, anatomy, and physiology.

    here's my info:
    i went to butler for 1.5 years after hs and majored in bio.
    - i took psychology. i got an a.
    - i also took advanced chem (2 semesters in 1) and got an a-
    - tested out of english i due to ap scores. took english ii and got an a.

    i then transferred to purdue where i got my bs in mechanical engineering technology.
    - i had a 3.5 when i graduated.
    - took second semester chem since they wouldn't transfer all of my advanced chem. got a b because i never went to class.
    - got a c in calc i and a b in calc ii.
    - got an a in speech and an a in group comm (advanced speech)

    thought i wanted to go to med school, so i started in at iupui to take pre-reqs. obviously, i changed my mind.
    - got an a-/a in organic i lecture/lab
    - in micro right now and anticipate an a or a-.
    - enrolled in anatomy in the spring.

    worked 2 years in industry as a quality engineer and now an environmental, health, and safety engineer with responsibility for 1100 people in a factory. i manage the emergency response team in addition to that. i will probably be taking an emt class in the spring.

    so, my delimma is this... should i take forever to finish up a bsn at iupui because i can't quit work, or do i take a little less than forever doing an asn at ivy tech at night? i would really like to be working as a nurse (rn) as soon as possible. i do want to continue on to get an msn probably at a later time.

    any of you ivy tech people... how hard is it to do the asn program at night and while working full time? is it possible? my boss knows about my desire to go to nursing school and she said that she could be flexible with my schedule if we pre-arranged it. i'm just worried about finishing up the clinical stuff. i live pretty much across the field from hendricks regional in danville, so that would make it easy if i did my clinicals there.

    i'm rambling. anyways, anyone have any advice for me? i need some help!
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  3. by   BSNtobe2009
    The part-time night/weekend program at a local CC where I am takes 3 years for an ASN. It was designed for LPN's that were full-time workers that needed to get their RN degree.

    I would go that route, if it is offered. Things like English and Math you most likely won't have to take b/c you have already had them, and entering an ADN program with a BS degree, will most likely exempt you from certain things.
  4. by   SafetyLady
    So where are you going to school? Is it in the Indianapolis area?
  5. by   SafetyLady
    Well, I went through the curriculum for the ASN degree at IvyTech. I will only have to take 38 of the 69-71 credit hours if IvyTech does transfer credits correctly. My only concern is that they will not offer enough classes at night. Anyone have any experience with working full time and going to IvyTech?
  6. by   Ceteris Paribus
    Well, I will be starting the Ivy Tech ASN program in Indianapolis on Jan 08. I am in the "night" section and here is my full time schedule:
    1. Tuesday 5-9 Nursing Fundamentals
    2. Thursday 5-9 Nursing Fundamentals Lab (these are actually two courses taught during the 5-9 time period).

    3. Saturday 8-4:30 Nursing Clinicals.

    Plus there is an online pharmacology class for a sum total of 12 hours. I was told that the first semester is actually the most time intensive. Compare this to BSU which was 4 days essentially all day long with an additional day for clinical prep (we had to go to the hospital and get information for a 20 to 30 HANDWRITTEN report due the morning of clinicals essentially I didn't get to go to bed the night before clinicals with my 4hour round trip commute). I have been told that there will not be patient research due ON THE DAY OF clinicals (in other words it will be due after clinicals and the information can be obtained on the clinical day).
  7. by   SafetyLady
    Ohhh, your IvyTech Schedule sounds like it might work out for me too. How did you specify the night program? I couldn't even find the course listings when I was looking on IvyTech's site last night. Is there a separate night program for the people who work during the day?
  8. by   Ceteris Paribus
    They didn't publish their nursing class schedules this time for some reason (they sometimes act as if people are so anxious to get into the nursing program there that "psycho" nursing students might just show up for class or something,). Basically, they do have a day and a "night" program which approximately half of the accepted ASN/LPN students will be taking (LPN and ASN are in exactly the same classes for the first two semesters). I think they said that it was paid for by a grant from Indianapolis workforce development so I'm not sure what that means for it being offered in the future. If you are interested in Ivy TEch Indy I think that the next application deadline is something like March 15 (for the FALL 2007 class) and your TEAS would need to be completed by March 01. Also you would need to attend one of the nursing information sessions the dates of which can be obtained in the Health Science information office in the Fairbanks building or from advising in the same building.

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