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  1. Has anyone out there done the medical assistant program at Brown Mackie College? I'm wondering what kind of exam you have to do at the end. I know to take the AMT or AAMA exams you have to have gone to a school that is CAAHEP or ABHES accredited and I don't think the Brown Mackie (South Bend) college is. Can anyone shed any light on this?? Also BMC offers 2 programs 1. Medical Assistant & 2. Medical Assisting - anyone know the difference. I'm also wondering what the differences are between a MA, CMA,and RMA. Thanks for any help you can give me.
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  3. by   CantWait2Nurse

    I go to school for medical assisting at Medtech college and the differences in these titles are just the amout of education and certification you received. MA- medical assistant CMA- certified medical assistant RMA-registered medical assistant or you can have your associates or even bachlores in medical assistant. I hope this helps!!!
  4. by   Polly Dipcya
    I was a medical assistant for 15 years (cma)...cma-certified med. assistant. ma- med assistant who is not certified and some dr. offices train they're own assistants and have no college or any medical classes. RMA-register med assistant....they're registered instead of certified not that it make much difference in pay or anything..some cma and rma have associates degrees....but no ma's are licensed! med. assitaning is a very good job BUT they're is very little advancement..and the pay sucks...Thats why i went back to school....just took my nclex-pn test on 2-7... In northern indiana pay scale is about $9-13 an hour....I live in a small town and after 10 years at the same office i was only making 11.50...but i didnt work weekends, holidays, or nights....the patients assumed i was a nurse. I did love the job but now i'm glad i can say i'm a real nurse.....i'd advise u to go to nursing school instead....more opportunities, better pay, more status plus u will be licensed! Good luck in what ever u do...