lpn v/s rn

  1. I am currently a nursing student at Ivy Tech in Valpo. I will graduate this July and be able to set for the boards the first week of August. My question to you is this: As I've started applying at different places one of the people in a human resource department, upon finding out that I would be certified as a LPN, not an RN, said, "Then you won't be a professional, will you?" Is there that much lack of respect throughout the field? I am continuing on with my education after certification, and will eventually be an RN.
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  3. by   Darlene K.
    I'm sorry that happen to you. Try not to take those things to heart. In the work force you will run in to more people like her and then some. Unfortunately, not everyone can be "professional" as you can see with this HR person. Be proud of what you are and what you have accomplished. I believe that only Bach degrees and up are considered "professionals" in their career choice. This person could have been a little more polite with their questions. Don't let it get you down, go apply at the next hospital. Best of luck to you.