Lots of questions re:Ivy Tech Kokomo/Logan

  1. i'm new here hoping to get some questions answered. i plan on attending either ivy tech kokomo or logansport campuses.

    i'm scheduled to take the compass thursday. it's the last thing i need before i meet with my advisor and start to register next month for spring '07 classes. i'm 38 so it has been a long time since i was in school. so i am counting on some remedial classes.

    1. will that effect the outcome of getting into a program? (if i have lots of remedial courses)

    i'm undecided which route to take either lpn-asn or try to go straight into an asn program. i know in the end i want to be an rn. i have a family with 4 children at home: 8 months, 3, 12, 15. so that could be a contributing factor. right now i am a sahm. my 1st thought was to go the lpn route so i can start to contribute to my family. i worry though that i won't make it back to school and i really want to be an rn.

    2.what are the advantages/disadvantages to going into either program?

    3.are they both equally competitive, or is one easier to get into?

    4.has anyone heard they are planning on opening a new asn program up in logansport? (i thought i heard that somewhere)

    5.if so when?

    6. who has experience with either of these campuses?

    7. what can you tell me about them?

    i have more questions but i will save them for later, since this is getting so long.

    tia to any who can answer my questions.
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  3. by   LPNMOM2B
    Hey there! I am a stay at home mom of 2 and have been out of high school since '99. I too am looking at going to Ivy Tech (South Bend). Are you planning on getting any financial aid? The reason I ask is because I am and I am looking for information on what is available for people like me who have children and are living on only 1 income. If you or anyone reading this can offer information I'd appreciate it