Kankakee Valley (Workone) For CNA Training Classes

  1. I'm really wanting to switch jobs; right now, I'm a teacher's aid but I can get my CNA training for free if only I work; if not, than I would have to pay for it. But I mean what job is going to give you 2 weeks off; you know?

    I'm not sure what the fee is; if I were to just quit my job and take the CNA classes but the only thing about that, is that I would not have any income coming in and plus, you're not guaranteed a job; after getting Certified. I know I know, that is the risk, that I may have to take.

    I'm not even sure if I have a question.

    But does anyone know of any other facilities; that help you get your CNA training? Because, when I call around they say, no we don't have CNA training and that is all the Nursing homes, so I mean where did you get your CNA then, to be able to work at a Nursing Home or Hospital??!

    Well thanks for taking the time out and reading.

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  3. by   jlemu84
    Hi, I live close to kankakee as to where you can get the cna training I know that the community college offers the training. It runs about $600 for the class. It's usually sixteen weeks. The bad part is it's nearly ten credit hours just the one class. After the one class though you can become certified.