Ivy Tech South Bend Nursing Program

  1. Hi, I'm new here. I've applied for the nursing program this fall at Ivy Tech, and I keep hearing that there are double the normal amount of applicants. Does anyone know what the "normal amount" is? I've heard numbers ranging from 200 to 1000 people applied for this fall, and I'm really starting to freak out!!

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  3. by   BernieRN
    Those numbers are usually blown pretty well out of proportion for the South Bend ITCC. Rumors.
  4. by   itccsbnurse
    Thanks for your response- I figured the numbers were way out there, but wondered if anyone knew the number of people that had applied last year, and years past to get an idea.

  5. by   Linster
    I think four years ago when I was considering applying to the South Bend Program they anticipated 150-175 applicants. The rumor this year is that there has been an increase in applications upwards of 800 applicants.
  6. by   Jeffreydean77
    i am in the South Bend, IN Ivy Tech Nursing program, and currently finishing up my 2nd and final year before getting my ASN this May. it is true that Ivy Tech's program is VERY competitive to get in to. you pretty much have to have straight "A's" in the 4 "core pre-req" classes which are ANP 101 & 102, Psychology...Sociology i believe? (i had credits transfer from Purdue). you should ALSO do well on the TEAS-Test of Academic Skills once you take it. you can take this more than once if need be. this is all because i think they only accept like 60 or 70 "RN-Students" each Fall. usually the numbers (i heard) that apply are in the 200-400 range, and it would not surprise me to have inflated numbers due to the economy...and considering the demand for RN's...

    if you do not get in to the RN-program, you can still get in to the LPN-program at Ivy Tech though. but you will have to wait 1 year to get in to the "RN-transition" program. this policy apparantly just began this last Fall, and many of the LPN students that i knew (which took the same classes as us RN's) were quite upset about this. they were told that they could transition right in to the transition program after acquiring their LPN license after the first year.

    this said though, if you do well (meaning AT LEAT 3/4 A:B ratio) in your core classes, and score well on the TEAS, you should have no problem getting in the program. most people are disqualified because they were satisfied with a 'B' or 'C' in ANP 101/102, or Psyche.