Ivy tech lpn to Rn transition 2018 - page 4

Hi Iam currently an lpn applying to the lpn to rn transition program for summer 18. I took my teas 6 test today and Iam VERY nervous I only scored a 70 (ddnt study much) with B's in all pre reqs and ... Read More

  1. by   Ricole85
    That's my same score wonder if I should try for Indy or just accept terre haute
  2. by   Amandawallace
    Was Terre Haute your first choice?
  3. by   Ricole85
    Crownpoint first terrehaute second Indianapolis third
  4. by   Lawgirl14
    Ok guys, we got in. Now what happens??
  5. by   Bclark7117
    We relax and breathe lol
  6. by   RN or Bust
    I got in to my first choice!!! Congrats future RN's!
  7. by   NurseYetta
    Omg, I'm still waiting for my email..I have a score of 114 and applied at Crown Point and Valpo..(crossing fingers)..happy for everyone who has got accepted thus far!
  8. by   NurseYetta
    How many points did you obtain it you don't mind,me asking..congratulations btw!
  9. by   NurseYetta
    oops disregard that message, I'm new to this forum
  10. by   Ricole85
    Does anyone know if u decline your offer (I got into second choice) and you still don't get into first choice if they will offer u third choice?
  11. by   LPN2011toRN
    Congrats! I was accepted to Muncie as well.
  12. by   Alli0926
    I'm making this post hoping it may be useful to other Ivy Tech applicants. I applied to Gary, Valparaiso, and South Bend campuses with 116.33 points. Gary was my first choice for the LPN to RN Summer program 2018. I really had doubts because I had 114.88 points last year when I applied and only got accepted to South Bend. South Bend is over a hour away from me and I was pregnant at the time. Previously, I was told by one of the Directors of the program that the Gary and Valparaiso campuses requires 117-145 points to get in. Something just told me to apply to those campuses regardless. Well, this time around I have been accepted to the Gary campus for the LPN to RN program.
    A quitter never wins and a winner never quits! Good Luck to all applicants.
  13. by   Beemitchell15
    Congrats. I'll see you in the Gary class!