Ivy Tech Kokomo, Fall 2012

  1. So I've been back and forth on the Ivy Tech message boards, but I figured I would get on allnurses as well, to get as much feedback as possible... Here goes:

    I got my rejection letter from Kokomo Ivy Tech the other day, and many people were posting that they got accepted, and their scores. One person posted that they received a rejection letter, and then Ivy Tech called them and offered them a spot. That person's application score was 162.3

    I have A's in A&P 1 & Psych, and B's in A&P 2 & English, for a total of 75 points. My adjusted TEAS score is 87.4; I should have 162.4, and I didn't receive a call. I called the campus this morning and they wouldn't give me any information as to where I placed. The woman on the phone asked for my name and looked me up; I told her what scores I thought I should have, and she vaguely confirmed them (I know it's illegal for them to give out personal info about students and what-not, so I understand...), and also told me that no phone calls have been made to any students.....

    I'm not sure what to do here.... part of me is sad for getting the rejection letter, part of me think I'm probably going to get a phone call at some point and get accepted as an alternate, part of me thinks that my phone call was sent to someone else with a lower score than me, and ALL of me is incredibly frustrated and in the dark.

    Rant finished.
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  3. by   Mama_Cashew
    How did you figure your adjusted TEAS score?
  4. by   mmills63
    My percentages in Reading multiplied by.25, English by .25, Math by .20 and Science by .30.

    I calculated it by rounding to the 10th place, then adding all four scores, and again by adding all four scores without rounding, then rounding the total number to the 10th place and go the same amount.
  5. by   Mama_Cashew
    Sounds like you did it right. I wonder what happened. I hope you get a call or a different letter ASAP!
  6. by   mmills63
    So yesterday I e-mailed the Dean of the nursing program in Kokomo and she called me about my score. It turns out that the other student incorrectly calculated his/her score. All she could tell me was that no one got in with that score. My score is 162.4, and she confirmed that I'm still in the waiting-pool....

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