Ivy Tech Gary 2008 Acceptance Letter?

  1. Has anyone applied or heard of anyone receiving word on Gary's Spring 08 ASN Nursing program? I'm still checking the mail everyday... VERY nerve wrenching! :uhoh21:
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  3. by   ErinRena
    I considered Gary but chose Fort Wayne!

    The wait to recieve my acceptance letter was torture - I really feel for you! I hope that you get accepted! Fingers crossed - maybe we will get to start together!

    Hope you read "Congratulations..." when you open it up!!!
  4. by   AmyK2007
    I finally received my letter last week (the longest wait of my life!) I was ACCEPTED!!

    I will start the ASN program in January. I am really excited to get started. Anyone else here starting at Gary in January?
  5. by   angelnurse80
    hey Amyk2007. I saw u were accepted in 08, and wondered how it went, and what was your teas score and how many times can you take the teas test thanks alot. also how many students did u all have and how many graduated.

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