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  1. I'm planning to apply at IUPUI for admission to the accelerated BSN program in 2011 (Fall or possibly Summer). This fall (2010) I'm retaking anatomy, physiology AND microbiology because I last took them 12 years ago. Should be a killer semester as I need to repeat my 4.0's in all three courses to be competitive. Yikes!

    Just looking for others who are getting close to starting the application process. Lori
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  3. by   poppysmom
    Hi Lori! Just stumbled across your posting - I'm planning on applying to IUPUI's Fall 2011 Accelerated BSN program. I'm starting my prereqs this semester at Ivy Tech - just A&P and Intro to Psych at this point. Do you have a nursing/medical background? I'm changing careers from Finance to Nursing - specifically, hoping to eventually become a Certified Nurse-Midwife.

    Have you completed your IUPUI Transfer App yet? I spoke with someone in Admissions last week, and admissions for Fall 2011 should be open by the end of August. I'm crossing my fingers that some of my undergrad courses will fulfill some of the prereq requirements even though they don't match exactly, but as a Business major I didn't take much in the Psychology/Sociology realm. And the one class I specifically DID take (Statistics) is more than 7 years old.

    Would love to stay in touch throughout the process - good luck on your upcoming semester! Three lab sciences is a LOT!!

  4. by   bridge2nurse
    I'm planning on applying for Summer 11 Accelerated BSN at IUPUI as well. I will be taking Physiology and Microbiology at IUPUI this fall. I read someone's post on here (posted 2008) that they knew someone with a 3.98 who "almost" didn't get in. How do you "almost" not get in with a 3.98? Really? Most postings I have seen said you are safe with 3.8. I will just breathe a lot easier after next semester and once I'm accepted. Hope to see you in class:-) Good luck!
  5. by   absngirl
    I am applying to IUPUI ABSN and Ivy Tech ASN for the Fall of 2011 start. I need to go in and verify that everything is going to transfer from Ivy Tech like I am hoping it will....Aphy 101 and 102 as N261 and Aphy as N217 and Biol 211 as J210. The only other ones I need to finish the requirements are Statistics and Psy 310 that I could take next summer, right? I would really rather get into IUPUIs program!
  6. by   IndyElmer
    Hi Christine,

    I would have gotten back to you sooner, but for some reason, I didn't get a notice that you had replied to this thread. Just got a notice about folks replying to it today and popped in for a visit )

    My background is primarily science. I earned an undergrad B.S. in Marine Biology then kinda flounder because the only class I truly LOVED during undergrad was a genetics course that included a strong molecular genetics lab component. I eventually decided I would work towards becoming a P.A. and went back to school part-time to get all the human courses I didn't take when I was studying fish )

    One of the classes I had to re-take was (ugh!) biochemistry -- but this time I *loved* the class. The professor was starting an optional biochem lab course the next semester and I saw an opportunity to get to know him for a reference. One thing led to another and I ended up working in his lab and eventually earned my M.S. in biology (molecular track) while also studying for & taking the MCAT because the professor had convinced me I should go be a doctor.

    In the end, I wanted to "start my life" -- I was in my late 20's, in love an ready to get on with my life, so I used the skills I had learned while earning my MS to get a job doing bench science in big pharma. I worked as protein biochemist for 10 years before finally admitting that I *hated* it and regretted not doing something that would involve science and a lot more people skills -- like MD, PA or even nursing.So that's why, I've already taken all of the sciences once before.

    My undergrad university was "super science" so in addition to taking the three science courses this fall (so I can apply for the summer 2011 cohort), I will have to take another stats class (mine is "too old"), a communications class, developmental psych and intro to sociology because I didn't have enough non-science credits to meet those criteria.

    Christine, why aren't you applying to IUPUI sooner so you can find out what does transfer? Not asking to be snotty (just mentioning because you never know exactly how something like that sounds without tone of voice to give you a clue ) Just curious. It was a relief when I got to see my official credit transfer and to talk to the nursing advisor. While it was a relief to know what had transferred, I *was* a little disappointed that I was going to have to take FOUR non-science pre-reqs too )

    If things go well, my current plan is to eventually become an NP before I am 46, but we'll see... for now, I'll be happy to become an RN!!


    PS. Bridge2Nurse -- the nursing advisor seemed to think I would be OK with "just" a 3.8, but no guarantees. Which sections are you in for micro & physio? I'm in 1206 & 1208 for physio and in 28669 & 28670 for micro. I did a quick peek in Oncourse for micro and I think I'm the only Lori. Last name starts with "S" if you want to message me directly on there )

    PS. Ace13, I am planning to take my stats course in the semester before (I hope!) I enter the nursing program. The nursing advisor was sitting there with my unfulfilled pre-reqs in front of her. I told her I was taking the killer semester so I could apply for summer enrollment and she didn't say anything about my stats class needing to be done earlier, so I would guess you're OK. I'd definitely get the transfer appointment as soon as possible -- either with a knowledgeable advisor at Ivy Tech or with someone at IUPUI. Good luck!
  7. by   bridge2nurse
    Ace- the adviser at IUPUI actually told me to take some of my pre-requisites at Ivy tech because they are cheaper. ANP 101 and 102 transfers as Bio-N261. ANP 201 transfers as Bio-N217. You can see the courses that transfer on this site PACE Home Page
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  8. by   poppysmom
    Hi Lori,

    Wow - same as you, I never got a notification of your response, or the one below it. I just happened to check back here today. Thanks so much for your long response a few months ago! I actually was planning on applying to IUPUI as early possible - I was told that I couldn't apply until the end of August if I wanted to be considered for Fall 2011, which was fine, since I had already filled my Fall 2010 with prereqs I knew I definitely would need. Long story short, I have actually changed my plans a bit. I've decided to pursue my ASN, then find an RN-MSN program to work at part-time. Several factors played into this decision, namely timing (I can start at Ivy Tech in Summer 2011, one semester earlier than IUPUI, and be done by the end of the Summer of 2012, two semesters earlier than IUPUI), and cost (I know IUPUI is reasonable for residents, but Ivy Tech is even less - I am determined to not go further into debt for this degree - we are digging ourselves out from under MONSTROUS student loans from my husband's graduate degree, and it's just not worth it to us to take out anything more in loans). There's also a decent chance my husband could get transferred to Chicago sometime in the next two years, so I'd at least have the option of possibly transferring to the Gary campus to keep at my degree, instead of being tied to Indy. I'm just going to take my chances that I'll be able to find a job I love even without the BSN credentials - I know the BSN opens more doors, but I feel I can make the case for future employers as to why I chose my current path, and I'm still going to pursue my ultimate goal of becoming a Certified Nurse Midwife as quickly as possible.

    Hope things are going well for you this semester! Let me know if you end up applying as early as summer, 2010. All the best!

  9. by   poppysmom
    Oops, I meant Summer 2011.
  10. by   skamp
    I have 3 science class that are over 7 years old from my original degree. When you retake the science classes, do they combine the grades for your gpa or replace the old grades with new ones? I am wondering as this will affect my gpa. Thanks
  11. by   IndyElmer
    I'm under the impression that the new grade substitutes for the old grade. I got A's the first time and the second time, so it didn't matter as much for me. But, my GPA was being dragged down by two humanities-type courses in which I only received a B so they had mentioned I could retake for an A and it seemed they were suggesting it was to replace the old grade, not to average them. I guess contact the nursing office to find out for sure!

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