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  1. My husband has recently been offered a position in Indianapolis which is great news for my family since he has been out of work for almost two straight years. He plans to go down by himself at first and see how he likes it etc. He earns more than I can as an RN so if this position pans out our family will have to relocate. We are currently in MI. I am very nervous about the prospect of moving out of state and even more so about finding a new position. Can anyone out there tell me what the job market is like for RN's in that area? I have two years experience on a very high acuity trauma/surgical/tele unit.

    I am also interested in the general area. How are the schools? What is the economy like in the area? I am guessing it couldn't be worse than Detroit's right now but I really have no idea. I would appreciate any input.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Well, I don't start my RN program until this next fall semester, so I can't really give you too much information about job availability. However, as far as schools are concerned, the Carmel Clay school district is probably one of the best public ones, if not THE best one. It's located on the north side of Indianapolis, which is where the bulk of the ritzier areas are. There's also Zionsville. It's a really good area with some really good public schools, too. Check out this link; it talks about them:
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    thank you for this information and the link you provided.
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    Actually I believe nurses make more here in Indianapolis than Detroit. I may be wrong, but I have a sister that lives there and she has been trying to get me to relocate. And I looked into jobs in the Detroit metro area and I make more here. The economy is definitely better here than in Detroit. Every other house is not boarded up. There is less diversity here, but it is getting better. The other poster pointed out the Carmel schools are some of the best and it is true that they are some of the better schools in the area, but it is also not very diverse and can be unwelcoming towards minorities. I am specifically referring to Carmel, not Indianapolis. I only say that based on what I and my children have personally experienced in Carmel. Most of the people in and around Indianapolis are pretty nice. I am from here but I have lived in Texas, California, Maryland, and here. Indy is a pretty great city and the cost of living here can't be beat. I hope I answered some of your questions. Anyway, there are many hospitals and companies hiring experienced nurses right now. But to be honest, it is hard for the new grads and for those who have not graduated from a NLNAC or CCNE accredited nursing schools. I brought that up because I met a young lady who was from Michigan and moved here upon graduating and she had a hard time trying to find a job here because the school she graduated from was not accredited by NLNAC or CCNE. I personally graduated from a school in the process of obtaining the NLNAC, but I found work. Many of my classmates did too. So it can be done. The hospitals here are big on trying for and maintaining Magnet status. Most job postings will actually list that requirement. Here are a few major hospitals or networks that I know are hiring. The web addresses are below. I wish your family luck and hope your hubby lands that job. Hope this helps too!

    St Vincent Hospital
    Community Hospitals (Many Jobs Here)
    Indiana University Health Hospitals (Many Here too)
    Westview Hospital
    Rehab Hospital of Indiana
    St Francis Hospital

    Also Indiana Career Connect is a website run by WorkOne that many companies including the ones above use to post their open positions throughout the state. It is really useful.
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    Hi There Sugarcoma,

    I live in Plainfield, Indiana which is only 9 miles from Indy. I have lived here for almost 11 years and really love it here. Plainfield has a small town feel and is still close to everything! Plainfield is known for it's 4 Star schools and low taxes.
    I work at St. Francis in Indianapolis.....the drive is only about 30 minutes. There are campuses in Mooresville, Beech Grove, and Indianapolis. You'd have to get a map to really get a feel for the location.

    I know there have been many ICU and SICU openings. My manager in the ICU is just simply wonderful!!

    I worked as a Traveler for a short time at Methodist (IU) which was the most horrible placed I have ever worked. (I've been a nurse for 33 years,)

    Take care and drop me a line if you like!

  7. by   drmax
    My wife is a recent acceleraed BSN graduate from Marion Nursing College. I'm unsure how many were in that class, maybe 50 and have all been placed either at St. Vincents or IU. Yep, now gotta pay back the loan, but felt this better than having the stress of not having a job. Good luck and Indiana is what you make of it...cold snowy winters, but wonder spring summers and falls.

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