Indiana Wesleyan University nursing program - page 2

Just wondering if anyone knows anything about Indiana Wesleyan University and their nursing program in Marion Indiana.. Is it competitive to get into and do they have a waiting list.. Thanks for any... Read More

  1. by   Cat Nurse
    I just completed the ASN to BSN program at Indiana Wesleyan. It was a none traditional off campus program. We met once a week for about two years. It allows you to be able to continue to work. If you have children and need to work this is an ideal program. I am considering the Masters program online.
  2. by   Ceteris Paribus
    How would you say that Indiana Wes. compairs to a "total online" RN- to BSN program like IUPUI? My wife is just finishing that program and it has been largely a piece of cake (although not very useful in improving her clinical skills or nursing knowledge or so she tells me). The IUPUI programs goes for about 5K per year.