ASN/LPN points with acceptance?

  1. I am applying to more than one campus...but right now I know the highest I will get is 203 with in region points for Indy and 200 for other regions (if I finish out this semester with As in the last two pre reqs).

    If I manage to get a B then I will end up with 190 at the lowest.

    Would anyone be willing to share how many points they had when they got accepted to either LPN or ASN? Or even as an alternate? I am trying to stay positive here...but without really knowing its hard! I absolutely have to get into some program this fall as I lost my job last month.
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  3. by   jackson145
    I got in to the RN program @ Bloomington with 215. I think our lowest was 210, with a 4.0 & 87 on the TEAS. We all received the 3 points for being local.
    However, they only accepted 10 people for the Spring Start RN.
    I've not heard what any of the PN's scored, although I do know some of them got B's in at least 1 pre-req.
    I think to figure what scores will make the cut, you first need to know roughly how many people will be accepted for each program. If they are only taking 10 out of 600+ (like my campus does for spring starters), then they will be really picky. For our Fall Start, however, I think there was a much wider range.
  4. by   obicurn
    At Indy, I believe they accept 60 in the Fall, 60 in the Spring for both RN and LPN.
    I was accepted with 214 to the ASN. Your score (provided you get the A's) is definitely good enough to get into the LPN, and quite possibly the RN program. I suggest you apply to both and get ready for a Fall start =)
    I know lots of people that got into the LPN with at least 1 C and high 70's to low 80's TEAS.