Anyone going to Valparaiso ABSN program in May2011

  1. Hi everyone

    I was just accepted into Valparaiso University in Indiana for the ASBSN program for May 2011, Has anyone graduated from there or heard anything about this school. Has anyone else been accepted to this class. I found a few threads but not many.I am sort of excited because I went to Penn state for 2 years and transferred to lasalle university nursing program this fall but the tuition is to high for me.They want me to do an extra year but I wont because of the tuition so I decided to go to Valparaiso so that I can graduate on time in August 2012 instead of 2013. If you have any advice or comments please share.
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  3. by   valpo_absn_program
    If you have any other choices of ABSN programs.. I would suggest you go there instead. I started Valpo's ABSN program last May and wished I had applied to different schools and have more options available. Anyway, I'm FINALLY going to be done in August.. but I like to post on here to let people know about this program... not worth the 50K for the quality of education.
    - horrible clinicals: for the med-surg clinical, which should be the most important clinical because that's what you build your nursing skills from. You actually attend about 4 to 5 clinical sessions of 5 hours each. YES, from 7-noon only. I haven't done much at all during my med-surg I and II clinicals, mostly just filling out tedious paperwork and chatting with the patient. I have not insert any NG or foleys yet and I'm graduating in 2 months... HA. I don't feel like the school has prepared me at alllll for the real world. Thanks Valpo.
    - unorganized practicum: random lottery system so you don't really get the place that you want... and this is one of the core class of the program?
    - ridiculous lab fees- for using the lab once every semester you get billed like $60 each semester.

    Anyway, I can go on and on with my complaints but I'll stop here.. you get the point.
  4. by   Taurus12788
    Really! I decided not to go because I was unsure about the program And
    The price was ridiculous . I'm glad I made the right decision ! Thank you for responding