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If so do you have any advice for maximizing my experience there? Will be starting the ASN program in Jan.... Read More

  1. by   FlipitaLPN
    Quote from Medsestra2008
    I wonder if it was as competitive in 2002 as it is today. How are you studying for TEAS? I took it once, after reviewing the Guide book and I believe you do not necessarily have to have this Guide to pass the exam, as long as you are preparing somehow else. Most of the stuff is from high school, I would even say everything is high school material. I scored the worst on the math part, even though I did excellent while practicing before the test, while I suprised myself with my physics and chemistry (I thought I would do worse). You get plenty of time on English part, but the time flies by when you take Math and Science parts. And by the way, I did not buy the Guide. Ivy Tech Indianapolis had it at the library. So I took it for a couple of weeks, and then ordered it for Indianapolis Public Library.
    Thanks for all that info. I've been taking these mock tests on some website online (type "teas study guide" into google... the first result) and I'm not doing so hot on those tests. But it is bringing back some of the stuff I learned in high school.
    I don't think the LPN program was very competetive at the time. I got right in and had pretty crummy PSB scores (but excellent scores on the NET.... ????).
  2. by   jackson145
    I've applied for Ivy Tech Bloomington's Spring RN program. I scored a 91 on the TEAS and have a 4.0 after all my pre-req's. I'm hoping to get a letter sometime soon, program starts in Jan.
  3. by   Seachell
    Yes, lots of tips...first which campus will you be attending???
    Learn your pathophysiology from the start, it will make everything easier.
    Try to memorize you drugs, this will definatly make life easier.
    Don't get hung up on starting IV's and other technical stuff, use clinical time to learn to critically think your way through things.
    GET A STUDY GROUP from the start. They will help with sanity.
    I graduate in December this year and am working on my last careplan right now. That's another thing use the careplans and concept maps to really learn. I always try to do them on diseases I am not familiar with if at all possible.
    Hope this helps!
    Good luck:spin: