Accelerated BSN at Marian University Nashville

  1. Does anyone have any feedback on the Marian University Nashville Accelerated BSN program? Have recent graduates found positions? Have you ran into any issues upon graduating and passing the board exam?
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  3. by   Pilolo
    Hi mscarmen74 I plan to join the Jan 17 cohort, did you end up applying here? Any feedback from your experience?
  4. by   misfit28
    I'm also looking for feedback.
  5. by   somcconn
    Hi guys, I am also planning to apply for the Jan 2017 cohort. I have read so many posts about this program and for the most part they seem positive. I would assume that no matter what school you attend you will have pros and cons... a few people I found really didnt like it, but I would say more than not, people found the program good. I am nervous about the online part of it, since it is very dense.