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I read your post about and went to the website. I am just unsure of whether I need to join an association in order to get started with being an independent nurse. I mean if i take a few classes about starting a small business and get a good accountant then I should be able to go ahead. I guess what I am asking (didnt start out as a question) is are you a member of the association and if so what have you gotten out of it, what type of independent nurse are you? What type of money do you make in a general term?

I hope my enthusiasm for this is starting to show through. I think this would be a good way for me to stay in nursing and feel like I am moving ahead - like having my own business.

If anyone has any information of suggestions they would like to pass on, I will welcome it with open arms.

I am going to call the SBA Minority Division Monday June 30, 03 and see what they can do to help me with business classes and planning, also going to call the local Chamber of Commerce (good idea nightngale) and see what they suggest I do.

Well this is getting long and dont want to bore everyone to tears. Just want to let everyone know I think I have the entrepreneurs bugs.:eek:

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