In search for FNP Student Preceptor in HOUSTON

by sierra911 sierra911 (New) New Nurse Student

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I am a family nurse practitioner student looking for a preceptor for 3 courses starting Spring 2021, Summer 2021 and Fall 2021. With COVID, not sure who will take FNP students and allow them to precept. I am fluent in Spanish. Live in Houston. Work as a NICU nurse.

My school requires preceptors to agree 5 months in advance. This is making it more difficult to find preceptors. I need a total of 720 hours. 180 hrs for Spring 2021, 180 hours for Summer 2021 and 360 hours for Fall 2021.

- Minimum 270 hours in family practice/internal medicine

- Minimum 90 hours in women’s health

- At least 90 hours must be with pediatric patients (birth – age 17)

- At least 90 hours must be with geriatric patients (age 65+)

Preceptors must be an MD, NP, DO, or PA and have at least one year of clinical practice experience in their area of licensure. Preceptors must not have current disciplinary action on their license to practice at any time during the clinical rotation.

Any tips or suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance.