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I am looking for a preceptor. I am an MS-Health Informatics student at Grand Canyon University and am required to complete a virtual or onsite practicum of 150 hours.

My last class of the program is now on hold due to not having a preceptor. I currently live in Houston, Texas and I do not mind a preceptorship done remotely. 
 I am reaching out to see if anyone can be of assistance in securing a preceptor with the following qualifications:

1-Holds an unencumbered and current nursing license.
2-Must hold a master's degree in Nursing.
3-Minimum of 2 years of current work experience in informatics.
4-Minimum of 3 months at current employer.
5-Able to provide an educational experience that will help meet overall practicum objectives and personal learning objectives

 Please, if anyone is interested or you know of a possible preceptor with the above qualifications, I would be grateful to speak with them and answer any questions they may have surrounding the virtual practicum contingency plan implemented by GCU. Any assistance provided will be much appreciated, thanks again!
My email is [email protected]

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