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In need of ideas!

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Hello! I'm sorry if this sort of question gets posted a lot... but... here is my little story that leads up to my predicament:

I got licensed as a LPN on Feb. 26th, 2009. That same day, I got a job doing hospice care at patient's homes. I had told the lady before I got hired that I was a new nurse, and she said, "All I have for new LPNs is hospice." And this was good... I ended up really liking the job a lot, but I wasn't getting enough hours (it was agency work). SO, I figured I would apply to the company that I was doing work for through the agency, maybe I could become a staff nurse for that company. So I read their website and they claim that you need one year experience to work for them, so...probably STUPIDLY, without thinking, I e-mailed the company telling them who I'm working for and that I would like to work for THEM, and would they consider me even though I am under a year of experience. I mean, I know how to do the work and I have successfully and accurately done agency work for them thus far. :zzzzz

Well...whoever read that e-mail, called my boss and said, "Apparently you're letting some girl work for us that is under a year of experience. You can't use her with us until she gets more experience." (*; ;) So...my boss calls and had to discharge me for now until I get more experience. I'm very sad... :bluecry1:

So, I've been applying, no NO place says they will hire prior to one year experience. I don't know what to do and was wondering if there is anybody that has any ideas? :bow:

Thanks for listening and thanks so much for any advice anyone can come up with... ANYTHING is appreciated.


Ashi :nurse:

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Ashi, first, check with the school from which you graduated. Many have a career placement office and those folks may be able to help you. Second, you may want to check with area LTC facilities. Many will hire new graduates. It may not be exactly what you want to do, but in this economy, a job is a job especially when it is your first one out of school.

I haven't worked agency very much, but always make sure you know what your contract says. Some agencies have a non-compete clause that says you cannot become an employee of a facility you work in through the agency for a specified period of time. Sometimes, this can be worked out between the agency and the facility if the facility wants to hire you. If this arises in the future, it might be better to approach the agency first. You don't want to bite the hand that feeds you!

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