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In need of help. I just failed my teas 6 a few days ago and can't help but think about it. I'm planning on taking it again sometime in June. Any advice on how everyone is studying? This will be my 4th time taking it. I've bought both ati practice exams online, teas mastery, Mometrix, ati teas 6 and have been studying consistently on quizlet. I don't know where I went wrong. All 3 attempts were low scores. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Please I really wanna become a nurse and right now I don't think I have any hope.

Have you looked at your score reports to see which areas/topics you have missed questions on? I'd probably print those out to see if there are topics you are consistently having an issue with and focus instead on those. Try to engage with the material more. Watch videos and read explanations so you understand the concepts and can apply that understanding even when you have problems you didn't run into in your studying.

You may also look at whether it's testing anxiety or how you are approaching the test that is causing your scores to be too low.

I took it on March 15, got an 80. Took it again April 16, got a 94. I used the ATI book, took the ATI online practice tests, used PocketPrep, & used Quizlet ATI TEAS VI (6) Study Material | Quizlet

Good luck!!

I just took my TEAS today and made an 83 on my first attempt, but I was thinking about retaking it. I used the ATI study manual, mometrix, pocketprep, and practice test A & B. I HIGHLY recommend getting practice test B, as it was most similar to the test. I got a 74 on practice test B, but made an 83 on the actual test.

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