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I am an LPN and am currently in an LPN to RN program in Cincinnati Ohio. I have 6 classes left for my RN and will be finished in the spring of 2010. I have finished all of the necessary prerequisite courses for starting an RN to BSN program in my area, and as of now I will have 3 quarters of upper division nursing courses (9 classes) and will be finished with the program in the spring of 2011.

I am extremely frustrated because I want to combine the course load and continue as a full time student, so I can be finished with my BSN this spring. I should only have about 15 classes left, but I can't find a program that will allow me to complete my BSN before having my RN license. If anyone knows a way to complete your BSN at the same time as your RN (when you already have your LPN) please let me know.

I know there are some programs online that allow you to do your LPN to BSN, but I am planning on applying for the PNP MSN program after I finish my BSN and have been informed that it would be unwise for me to complete my BSN program online unless it is offered through a university of similar reputation to UC (the PNP program in my area is extremely competitive because it is only offered at 1 university).

Also, I am confused about why this is such a problem to begin with. When students go through a standard BSN program they graduate with their BSN before receiving their RN license. Why can't I take the BSN nursing courses before receiving my RN? For the RN to BSN programs there are typically only 1 or 2 classes with clinical, I understand not being permitted to take the clinical courses, but why not the others?

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